Bandylager is in its concept nothing more than a regular bandy camp which is, as a rule, held in the first half of a season. The tone upon this sets, of course, by elite teams. Realities of nowadays competition are such so one who sets even a bit higher than other goals should invest in its training and competitional basis. And it makes no matter where the work is done: on its home facility or on the pitch of your likely rival. Task is the only one to perform all ice and grounds planned working capacity as at high-grade conditions as better.

But such the conditions are not far so identical. There are about a dozen bandy centers in the world today capable with certain clauses to offer perfect training camps and playing opportunities. Most of them are located in Sweden so therefore Sweden is a traditional attraction not only for their own but for the top-league professional russian teams too seeking at every occasion to come to camp and play bandy to Scandinavia even in the first half of July.

Bandylager however is no only a camp of an elite team. This is also an opportunity for every individual to grow. Summer bandy camp in Sweden is that one who belongs to ambitious bandy youth and who came to conquer this world needs! The popularity of summer bandy camps is far beyond Scandinavia. More number of clubs having its own indoor arenas tend to arrange bandy camp certainly on the first big ice in the season. This is particularly main secret of success of the camp among youth.

Bandylager is essentially an actual training pre-seasonal camp that can hit anyone between 9 and 17 years old whether a boy or a girl. Training process designed to allow absolutely equal working capacity to an every participant both on the ice and ground. This involves also a mass activities related directly to the main, the bandy is, in a variety of tests, contests and performances where an award to the most successful ones is useful equipments.

Bandylager is, by other words, an international community of like-minded enthusiasts having a great as you deal in an one’s life major business. Once you live bandy where else but in Sweden to spend couple of weeks of your summer holidays! In this case indeed you are guaranteed to communicate not only with peers alone swedes, russians, norwegians, finns… The best of the bests and most famous in the bandy world figures become your tutors, instructors and coaches while camp time lasts.

Bandylager involves a large number of engaged experts who are bandy players or coaches at clubs and national teams. There is no sense to list them all since they are all in the mind and on the air ahead of whole world’s bandy community and there is no a single trophy left that had not been conquered by them. Experts of summer bandy camp will carefully monitor every participant as well as to adjust, motivate and guide him. Professional advice and recommendations will always be given if necessary on what else is to concentrate its efforts and to work on in the near future.

More than 1000 teens and girls passed through summer bandy camps in 2013. Most of them are likely to come back here next year too because there is no doubt that the work done in Sweden this summer brought them into the next level of competition. Those who don’t want to stay still are looking for the higher upgrade.