Champions Cup outcomes

Champions Cup, the first official international bandy tournament in a coming up season, had finished in Edsbyn this Sunday. Line-up of participants had not been the most stellar this year but still quite smooth to raise the first outcomes on aspects and chances for them in new bandy season.

The winner of the Cup, Dinamo-Moscow, has confirmed its declared ambition to play for winning. Dinamo succeeds at keeping a high tempo in the game and to play aggressively both offensive and defensive even despite the loss of several players of the national level. It has perhaps caused prominent victories of the club from Moscow except only the group final vs Bollnäs where modest advantage 3:2 poorly reflects superiority of Dinamo in class and physical conditions at the current stage. However, that what remains behind the curtain of total domination may do not let the club to show them in the future as bright as now so far as the team has its weak spots.

Another Cup’s finalist Zorkij from Krasnogorsk has shown in Edsbyn as well as Dinamo quite predictable result but the tournament has turned very tense to Zorkij. The neigbors of Dinamo have not yet been easy to find an equal substitute to those team leaders who left for the other clubs, so it would be very difficult Zorkij to compete with the teams of the same class or higher as Dinamo. Realizing this, the team’s management is looking for solutions to futher enhance its line-up.

If Bollnäs GIF would take its tasks on the tournament more seriously to try to win the Cup, this could lead to a greater resistance in the group game against Dinamo. But the swedish club at this stage is well enough satisfied with the result shown that reflects stability and good potential so as the major competitions for «giffarna» in the season has not yet come.

Kuzbass from Kemerovo arrived to Edsbyn without 2 of their leaders having quite young and desperate team. But along with the tournament they worked on the team’s basic setups while experimenting with disposition and interplay so their 4th place in the Cup can be considered as success for the siberian team taking into account the fact they left many strong teams behing while in 2 lost matches showed trendy bandy. If Kuzbass succeeds to eliminate their technical and tactical errors that surfaced in Svenska Fönster Arena and affected their final result during incomplete 2 months remaining before start of the league so the siberians might be happy of the season in a long term.

Another group of the teams finished at the second four was almost of equal class. Their performance had been defined both by pre-seasonal and force majeur factors. Swedish Brobergs IF from Söderhamn, Kalix Bandy and russian Sibselmash from Novosibirsk is thought were lack of training capacity on the big ice whereas the host team Edsbyns IF suffered of injuries and sickness of its leaders.

The first official international bandy tournament in the season has produced however a good amount of practical information that is in the great demand on the eve of starts in the national cups in Russia and Sweden already in very near future.

Foto Slava Ajkin